By combining ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, it is possible to concentrate milk and/or whey while maintaining intact the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the concentrate.
The solutions developed by ACRAM concentrate the product using a double-stage filtration system consisting of ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis.
ACRAM systems separate milk into three fractions: fat-protein; salt-sugar; and water; this method drastically reduces the volume of materials to be transported and sampled (volume reduced up to 38%); it is possible to use the raw materials individually and optimise manpower;
The concentration process also significantly reduces CO2 production, water consumption during production and waste products to be disposed of.
Thanks to the cold-treatment, the use of special pumps that do not stress the lipid components and meticulous control of temperatures and pressures, the raw material retains its chemical and organoleptic qualities.
Process water can be retrieved, osmotised and re-cycled into the production process.
ACRAM system technologymeans:
  • high concentration yield
  • innovative filtering elements
  • process data history and archivation
  • minimum product losses
  • easy maintenance
  • standardisation of final product characteristics