Manual bag filtration

Bag filtration is used for a first coarse-processing of liquids such as milk, wine or gelatin, to extract macroscopic solid particles from the product.
The manual filter unit is made with bag filters, manual and by-pass valves.
It is a system suitable for filtration under pressure, which does not provoke modifications to the molecular structure of the treated product. The configuration enables use of one filter at a time or multiple "series" of filters, with different degrees of retention.
ACRAM systems are designed and manufactured to meet the highest food component material and system sanitation requirements.
ACRAM manual bag filtration systems can be equipped with various accessories such as:
  • double filtration line to allow continuous 24-hour filtration
  • exchangers
  • pasteurisers
  • stocking filters
  • manual CIP
ACRAM systems are used in the production of milk, brine, wine, spirits (ATEX), beverages, etc.
Thanks to being designed and constructed entirely in-house, our systems are individually tailor-made, to include specific features and functions to meet individual customer's needs.
ACRAM systems can accommodate filter elements of varying porosity.
ACRAM manual systems allow production costs to be optimised, thus reducing the initial system investment cost. ACRAM systems can accommodate any type of filter element.