Automatic polishing and rough-refining filtration systems

Rough-refining, polishing filtration within the winery is a fundamental processing phase because it has the important purpose of making the wine suitable for microfiltration during bottling.
Orthogonal filtration on polypropylene filtering units provides a number of advantages:
  • respect for the organoleptic characteristics of wine
  • flexibility; in fact you can choose the number of filter stages and the degree of filtration for each
ACRAM automatic microfiltration systems enable the automation of all filtration process and system sanitisation phases; they manage and monitor all the sensitive parameters that guarantee the stability of the product to be bottled and the regeneration of the filter units.
ACRAM microfiltration systems can be equipped with various accessories such as:
  • double filtration line to allow continuous 24-hour filtration
  • heat exchanger (for wine and/ or washing liquids)
  • automatic CIP (in-line or re-circulation)
  • In-line turbidity control
ACRAM systems are used in the production of wine, spirits (ATEX), beverages, etc.
Thanks to being designed and constructed entirely in-house, our systems are individually tailor-made, to include specific features and functions to meet individual customer's needs.
ACRAM automatic filtration systems allow production costs to be optimised by reducing manual workload, increasing operator safety, eliminating the possibility of human error and can be remotely monitored and managed.
ACRAM filtration systems can accommodate any type of filter element as it is possible to customise all operational parameters for filtration, washing, sanitising and integrity-testing operations.