Manual Microfiltration system

Pre-bottling microfiltration (cold, biological stabilisation) is one of the most critical moments in the production chain as it is the final processing phase before placing the product on the market.
ACRAM manual microfiltration systems are a highly economical way to enable sterilisation of products to be bottled. ACRAM manual systems filter the product and water needed for the rinser and CIP, steam and nitrogen.
They are designed and manufactured to meet the highest sanitation requirements for food component materials and systems.
ACRAM microfiltration systems can be equipped with various accessories such as:
  • double filtration line to allow continuous 24-hour filtration;
  • dosage of oenological adjuvants;
  • heat exchanger (for wine and/ or washing liquids);
  • pasteuriser;
  • manual CIP (in-line or re-circulation);
ACRAM systems are used in the production of wine, spirits (ATEX), beverages, etc.
Thanks to being designed and constructed entirely in-house, our systems are individually tailor-made, to include specific features and functions to meet individual customer's needs.
ACRAM manual microfiltration systems allow production costs to be optimised, thus reducing the initial system investment cost. ACRAM microfiltration systems can accommodate any type of filter element.