According to current law, the taxation of micro-breweries can be determined on a flat-rate basis based on estimated energy consumption, or in real terms based on the wort actually used in production, but which must be measured by a system conforming to the MID Directive 2014/32/EU MI-005.

The system designed and built by ACRAM is called ABS and was specifically conceived to solve problems arising from the use of non-homologous systems or individual instruments such as magneto-inductive gauges such as:
  • Errors in measurement due to air in the liquid to be measured
  • Errors in measurement due to possible refluxes within the instrument
  • Errors in measurement due to lack of power supply
  • Errors in measurement due to the presence of washing liquids inside the pipe
The in-line ABS is equipped with:
  • Deaerator for the elimination of air from the wort
  • Non-return valve to protect the system from any refluxes or water-hammering
  • Standardly closed valve for blocking the flow in the absence of power supply
  • Instrument for automatic recognition of liquids measured (wort/water), data from which are counted and stored in dedicated totalizers
  • Watertight control unit for collecting and storing the data and all the operations carried out
The whole system is built in accordance with OIML 117-1 117-2 as required by Directive 2014/32/EU (MID), transposed into Italian law by Leg. Dec. 84/2016, and each of the measuring components carries supplementary metrology marking protected by metric seals.