The system, which is suitable for determining the volume of milk loaded directly at the producer’s premises, is a volumetric measurement system in accordance with MID Directive 2014/32/EU MI-005 and is installed directly on the side or the back of the milk collection tank.
The system is manufactured in two models with a nominal flow of 24,000 and 30,000 litres/hour and can be sanitised in a CIP-SIP cycle;
The system can be equipped with the following optional accessories:
  • printers
  • temperature probe
  • pH probe
  • sample-extractor
  • refrigerated store for automatic collection of samples
  • data management software
  • loading/unloading data
  • compartment heating
  • Product location via GPS
  • Hose reel with hydraulic control
  • Tank-compartment filling management
  • Fully automatic traceability
Thanks to its ease of use and the precision measurement of the milk collected, the system is suitable for installation on any milk collection tank equipped with an atmospheric pressure tank.
The ability to print the measured milk value, take a representative sample and ascertain the temperature are significant characteristics of the AVPM system.
The system can be totally sanitised in a CIP-SIP cycle;
  • Measures the volume of milk with utmost precision and without conversions (tool accuracy better than 0.2%)
  • Only the milk entering the tank is measured
  • It can be installed on any type of tank
  • In case of out-of-range temperature or acidity, the milk load can be blocked and interrupted
  • The measured value is electronically recorded and printed on the load stamp
  • Avoids having to manually measure the amount of milk in each tank
  • All instrumentation can be calibrated according to ISO standards
  • The instrumentation complies with MID Directive 2014/32/EU MI-005 and the national standards for measuring liquid foodstuffs
  • Pay only for the amount of milk you receive
  • It is a tool that protects both the buyer and the seller
  • Time and costs of milk collection are reduced
  • Avoids air being drawn into the milk during loading
  • Degasses the milk, thus improving its quality
  • Can be operated by unskilled personnel