Italian legislation imposes the obligation to carry out periodic checks on measuring systems.
The ACRAM Metrological Laboratory offers a periodic metric inspection service for liquid-measuring instruments, other than water, conforming to Directive 2014/32/EU MID for category MI 005.
Inspections ensure that measuring systems are working properly and reliably, thus protecting users and their transactions.
The ACRAM laboratory is authorised by UNIONCAMERE with specialisation in:
  • measuring systems for liquid foodstuffs 
  • continuous and dynamic measuring systems for liquid foodstuffs up to 1250 l/ min
  • precision class 05
Our lab  is equipped with certified and verified sample capacity:
  • Nr 2 sample tank with 1000 litres capacity;
  • Nr 2 sample tank with 100 litres capacity;
  • Nr 1 sample tank with 50 litres capacity;
Our lab  is also equipped with the following ancillary instrumentation:
  • LAT certified digital thermometer (range -20 to 250 ° C)
  • LAT certified digital pressure gauge with transducer (range 0/5 barg)
  • LAT certified digital pressure gauge with transducer (range 0/50 barg)
  • Conductive solution certified 145 mS / cm, 1.413mS / cm, 12.880 mS / cm
  • Certified sample weight (5, 10, 20 kg)
  • Johansson Branded Certificate Matching Blocks (Precision Level 0)
  • Master Meter DN 40 mm certified LAT (up to 20,000 l / h)
  • CNC machine for Johansson dimensional control, (work plane size 50x70mm, resolution 0.001 mm)
  • Angelantoni climate model CHALLENGE 250 (temperature -40 ° C + 250 ° C)
  • C Laser Marker LASERVALL MOD. VIOLIN with three axes
  • Torque Meter Eutech tn100 sample solutions (0.02ntu, 20ntu, 100ntu, 800ntu)
  • Delta Ohm HD-9213 condenser (with probes for μS and mS measurements)
  • pH meter Delta Ohm HD 2305
  • Provision for temperature sensor calibration up to 150 ° C
  • Balancing ramp for calibration of pressure sensors