The handling of pressings, musts and wine in a cellar is an operation that has a major impact on the economy of the production process: in addition to considerable labour costs there is the likelihood of human error and the need for traceability.
ACRAM solutions enable labour costs to be optimised, eliminating the possibility of human error, with systems featuring various levels of automation. In addition, all the operations performed are archived and available for consultation via graphs, and data tables that show all the relevant parameters.
ACRAM designs and manufactures turnkey systems for:
The transport and distribution of pressings and musts; from the crusher-stemmer, the product is sifted and sent to presses or winemakers, where necessary passing through a heat-exchanger, and dosed with oenological adjuvants.
ACRAM systems are able to interface with the protocols of all other machines involved in the process to ensure a fully integrated operation.
The transport and distribution of the wine; the systems enable implementation of all winery operations such as, passing, cutting and distribution of the wine to the bottling lines.
The transport and distribution of technical fluids, such as compressed air, nitrogen, water, steam, condensation.