In the field of milk delivery, it is essential to operate with high standards of quality and traceability.
The automatic sampling-system is a device that takes a representative weighted average sample of all the milk as it passes so that the characteristics of each producer's milk can be determined with certainty for payment according to quality.
ACRAM sampling-system systems perform automatic sampling by reducing collection times and costs, and thanks to the bottle store, the whole process is automated by eliminating any possibility of external manipulation.
The system is extremely easy to use and does not require specialised personnel.
They can operate independently (stand-alone) or they can be implemented with measuring systems.
Thanks to the solid steel compartment with shutter and the use of multi-tested materials, the system is highly reliable and durable. The WiFi interface also enables the AMS slave to exchange information and signals with all the terminals on the market today.
The system is interoperable with smartphones, tablets, hand-helds, etc. equipped with WiFi technology.
The ACRAM sampling-system can be equipped with the following optional accessories:
  • GPS coordinate detector
  • Printers
  • Temperature probe
  • pH probe
  • Loading/unloading data
  • Data management software
  • Barcode reader
  • Magnetic-inductive flowmeter
  • Injection nozzle with spring and bottle-lifting slip
  • Special stainless steel bottle for injection-nozzle washing
  • Ultrasonic bottle-presence sensor
  • Automatic refrigerated store