ACRAM automatic systems for adding or removing gases in wines and drinks are available with a membrane or porous cartridge.
Sparkling wines and drinks occupy an ever-growing market sector.
For their production, ACRAM offers membrane or porous spark plug carbonation systems, complete with automation and data registration for total monitoring of added gases.
The diffusion of CO2 in the product is proportional to the flow rate of the liquid to be carbonated, by means of adjusting the CO2 pressure/flow. In this way, gas dissolution takes place homogeneously, with standard sized bubbles that remain persistent over time. Dosing is highly precise and the ACRAM systems are equipped with monitoring devices to check the actual dosage of the gas dissolved in the product: any deviation from the programmed value, beyond a certain range, produces alarms and possible blocking of the system.
All dosage trend data can furthermore be consulted from the control panel.
ACRAM also offers CO2 and O2 removal systems via membrane diffusion or gas stripping.