ACRAM manufactures washing and sanitising systems for bottling lines, wineries and tankers.
Cleaning and disinfection are the two fundamental cornerstones to maintaining systems fit for food production. Inaccurate execution of any one of these two processes compromises the entire production cycle of the product.
ACRAM designs and manufactures innovative solutions for safe cleaning and disinfection, with a meticulous control of processes and solutions involved.
Systems are always tailor-made according to the customer's needs and available utilities (water, steam, etc.) and can be provided with various levels of automation.
ACRAM CIP systems can be equipped with various accessories such as:
  • water filtration line
  • water filtration line for rinsing with re-circulation basin
  • heat exchanger
  • detergent/ chemical disinfectant dosers
  • enzyme doser
  • steam generators
ACRAM CIP systems can interface with any system, because, thanks to its internal software department, ACRAM can adapt to all communication protocols.